9 Ways to Cook with Tequila

Earlier this year I had the privilege of visiting the town of Tequila in Mexico, near Guadalajara. This not only exposed me to Jose Cuervo’s insanely cool distillery, but also granted me the opportunity to lord over people by informing them that a town called Tequila actually exists, and is the home of the liquor by the same name. Who knew?

During my visit I also had the chance to ingest a tremendous amount of tequila—I counted 16 drinks in two days. Definitely the classiest bender I’ve ever been on. But the tequila wasn’t just in shot form, it was applied to a number of different ingestible delectables, expanding my expectations of how tequila can be applied. I left Mexico with a new respect for tequila, no longer associating it with the get drunk quick drink of my college years.

Made from the agave cactus, tequila is actually quite the respectable beverage. First of all, agave are pollinated by bats, and that’s just badass. Second, 100% agave tequila like what I drank at the Jose Cuervo distillery is full of flavor, and like wine the experience can be altered with food pairings. Unsurprisingly, tequila is becoming the liquor of choice in new recipes, adding a delicious element to classic favorites.

Here are nine ways to stealthily get your tequila fix while meeting your Pinterest goals:

1. Margarita Marinade

Tequila mixed with lime juice, honey, garlic and ground cumin make for an excellent marinade for grilled chicken. The bite of the alcohol will get cooked out while the agave undertones of tequila come through to create the perfect flavor.

2. Margarita Angel Cake

Cake and tequila is a synonym for “dream come true.” Angel Cake is basically a starter cake waiting to be flavored, and is divine with a tequila-lime glaze. Make it a poke cake to let that glaze seep in and really complete the flavor profile.

3. Spicy Pineapple and Tequila Sorbet

We recently saw a recipe for fish juice ice cream, and while we aren’t judging those who might enjoy that, we think this is a far more delightful dessert alternative. There are many variations on turning tequila into ice cream, but this spicy pineapple and tequila sorbet is especially tantalizing. The sour fruit balances out the spicy aleppo chile, and the boozy tequila brings in a “vegetal complexity” that is sure to win you social brownie points, should you have the opportunity to repeat the phrase “vegetal complexity.”

4. Tequila Shrimp Ceviche

Honestly nothing sounds more appetizing than fresh shrimp accompanied by good tequila. Doesn’t a lounge chair on the Gulf of Mexico come to mind? Get that feeling any time, anywhere with this yummy tequila-infused recipe.

5. Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges

“Nothing says “Martha Stewart goes to a frat party” quite like this recipe for Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Wedges,” and that’s just about the best description for fruit that’s ever existed. You can thank tequila for that. You’ll actually be making a sort of syrup to achieve this recipe, rather than just pumping a watermelon full of booze, but it’s worth every second of effort.

6. Tequila Sunrise Cupcakes

It would be easy to throw back cupcakes and chase them with tequila shots, but this recipe calls for a bit more ingenuity. Mix orange juice, grenadine and tequila into cupcake batter and voila; you’ve just been uninvited from all children’s birthday parties, but invited backstage at all Eagles concerts.

7. Tequila Cheese Dip

We’ve focused on a lot of sweet foods thus far, so here’s the queso you’ve been waiting for. What’s great about this recipe, besides getting to eat tequila and cheese at the same time, is that you can achieve the necessary glaze of the tequila by igniting it with fire.

8. Tequila Refried Beans

We wouldn’t call this a huge departure from the previous cheese dip recipe, but it’s so delicious that it deserves a shout out. It includes a reduction of tequila that cooks out all the alcohol, but once again adds that “vegetal complexity,” the desire for which our parents instilled in all of us.

9. Margarita Bombe Cookies

Non-straightedge vegans will be stoked about this scrumptious cookie recipe. Not only is it chock full of tequila mousse, which should be on all foods by the way, it can be cooked in all sorts of colors, and is entirely animal product-free.

Is It Safe To Drink Tequila After Wine? Can You Mix Them?

A lot of people wonder what drinks they can mix, and whether or not it’d actually be dangerous. That’s why the question of whether or not it’s safe to wine and tequila in the same sitting. I say ‘same sitting,’ but what I mean is drinking both within a very short timeframe, such as drinking both on a night out.

When many people ask whether they can mix wine and tequila, what they normally mean is whether or not there’ll be any negative reactions if they were to mix the two, compared to if they were going to drink just one or the other, or even a combination of two other drinks.

So, with that in mind, can you mix wine and tequila? Well, the answer is a little bit complicated, as it’s one of those ‘yes and no’ questions. But first, why don’t we take a look at what tequila and wine actually are.

What Is The Difference Between Wine And Tequila?

In short, tequila is a type of liquor. It’s a distilled spirit that is composed of the blue agave plant, which only really grows in Tequila, Mexico. Because of that, the vast majority of production facilities of it are located in the area around there. Think of what the Champagne region and wine mean together, and you’re pretty close to how important this region is for the spirit.

According to Mexican Law, tequila can be produced only in the state of Jalisco and limited regions in the states of Michoacán, Guanajuato, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. That being said, though, most other parts of the manufacturing process, such as bottling and international shipping, can be done anywhere else. However, in other countries, as long as there’s at least 51% of the drink made up of the blue agave plant, then they can be branded tequila.

Generally speaking, the alcohol content in tequila ranges between 38% and 40%. However, it’s not uncommon to see tequila with an alcohol content as low as 31% and as high as 55%.

Wine, however, couldn’t be more different. The only real similarity between wine and tequila is that they’re both made from either a plant or fruit, so they’ve got a natural core product. Wine is an alcohol that’s made up of fermented grapes. However, this brings up what exactly fermentation is and how it makes grapes into wine. To sum it up quickly:

Fermentation is when sugar from a fruit, such as a grape or an apple, starts to join with yeast and bacteria. In most cases, the fruit needs to be crushed and then have these two added; however, with grapes, it’s slightly more complicated than that. You see, grape juice and sugar are located on the inside of the grape, whereas yeast is abundant in the skin of the grape.

Once the grapes are allowed to ferment, the sugar will start to blend with the yeast and bacteria in order to start creating alcohol. As the fermentation process proceeds, the sugar content will gradually reduce to around the 2% range, while the alcohol content will gradually increase to between 9% and 12%, depending on how long you let it ferment for.

Different Types Of Tequila

There are multiple types of tequila. Generally speaking, they all offer a different flavor and often have different amounts of alcohol content. They can be broken down into five different categories, namely:

  • Blanco (white) or Plata (silver): white spirit, un-aged and bottled or stored immediately after distillation, or aged less than two months in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels
  • Joven (young) or Oro (gold): usually a mixture, and thus rarely 100% agave plant with added coloring
  • Reposado (rested): aged a minimum of two months, but less than a year in oak barrels of any size
  • Añejo (aged or vintage): aged a minimum of one year, but less than three years in small oak barrels
  • Extra Añejo (extra aged or ultra aged): aged a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

Different Types Of Wine

While there are five types of tequila, there are only three different types of wine; red, white and rosé. Wines generally get their appearance and color from what’s used to create it; stained grapes for Rosé, dark grape skins are used for red and non-colored pulp for white wine.

These generally have different tastes because of that; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have different alcohol contents, as that’s normally down to the specific breed of grape, no matter the color, as well as how long it’s left to ferment for.

Can You Mix Wine And Tequila?

Now that you know the key differences between wine and tequila, it’s time to figure out if you can mix them. As we already mentioned, it’s a bit of a ‘yes and no’ question. There’s very little danger in mixing them, compared to mixing other drinks.

Read about 35 Tequila Drinks by TOWN&COUNTRY.

The only real danger, according to a number of reports, is knowing your own limits when it comes to alcohol, which is the case regardless of whether you’re mixing your drinks, or what drinks you’re mixing.

That being said, though, if you’re not much of a tequila drinker, then it’s worth noting how alcoholic it actually is. As we’ve already mentioned, most tequilas are at least 31% and can go up to 55%, meaning that it’s more alcoholic than many other drinks. Because of that, you’ll need to keep an eye on how much of it that you’re drinking, as well as whatever you’re drinking it with, such as wine.

Because of that, it’s best to stick to your own level of comfort, as well as within any safe limits. After all, everyone needs to drink responsibly, no matter what they’re drinking or mixing.

Having said that, though, it is comparatively safe to drink tequila after wine, or vice versa, as it doesn’t seem to have any more adverse side effects compared to mixing any other drinks. Because of that, you can definitely mix wine and tequila.

Bizarre Facts About Wine and Your Sex Drive

Wine and sex is definitely not a pairing that instantly comes into mind. However, even though we don’t talk about it, wine is used as a social lubricant all the time–which left us wondering…

Why is Wine and Sex a Thing?

In 2009, an Italian research group published a study that showed a correlation of drinking wine –specifically red wine– increased the sexual appetite of women. The study queried 800 Italian women who drank red wine, other alcohol, or no alcohol at all. The red wine drinkers scored 2 points higher than other alcohol drinkers, and 4 more points than teetotalers. Overall, the study isn’t enough to support wine and sex drive, but it did inspire more research.

Why Alcohol Makes You Horny, Hungry, and Hot:

Alcohol in small amounts will increase your libido. It will also make you hungry and feel flushed. This is because ethanol stimulates a primitive part of your brain called the hypothalamus, which is located right above your brain stem. This portion of the brain regulates basic human functions, including body temperature, hunger, hormone levels, parental attachment behavior and, of course, sex drive.

Moderation is Key: You only need a little bit of wine to feel these effects. You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize this, but too much wine over your weight limit is bad for you. Not that I don’t trust you, but one can never stop talking about the importance of moderation.

Smelling Your Wine Will Turn You On

Several studies have been conducted over the last 10 years attempting to identify what smells activate the sex drives in women and men. While this science is still very new and also pretty complex, it’s been suggested that certain smells turn us on. Oddly enough, a lot of the aromas found in wine are the aromas that turn us on.

Women are Aroused by Different Smells than Men

Aromas that Arouse Women:

 Women tend to get turned on by musky, earthy, woody, licorice-y, and cherry-like aromas.

While we don’t have conclusive evidence, these flavor descriptions sound a lot like words used to describe fine Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, and even rustic Pinot Noir.

Aromas That Arouse Men:

 Men tend to get turned by with lavender, caramel, butter, orange, licorice, baking spice, and vanilla-like aromas.

We can’t make definitive claims but many of these aromas are commonly found in fine Champagne, Moscato, Dry Sherry, Tawny Port, Vin Santo, Grenache, Syrah, and even Rosé wines.

Your Smell Memory Unconsciously Conditions You

Smell memories, or olfactory memories, are some of the strongest and longest lasting memories we have. You’ve probably experienced explicit olfactory memories in which certain aromas bring back specific memories from the past. However, you might not know that there are also implicit olfactory memories that are unconscious, priming or conditioning us to behave in a certain way.

Thus, if you’ve had really wild nights in the past with a particular sparkling rosé wine, it’s quite possible that you’ve unconsciously conditioned yourself to become aroused with the wine’s aromas. Of course, to build these aroma memories, you need to start taking the time to really sniff your wines.

Check out this article titled “What Different Alcoholic Drinks Do For Your Sex Life” by Maxim.com.

Other Strange Reasons Why Wine is an Aphrodisiac

Perhaps you’ve heard that wine and chocolate are aphrodisiacs. So why is this? Well, it’s been suggested that it’s because of the presence of amines. Amines are organic compounds that are present in very small amounts in wine.

Several analyses of red wines including, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, indicated that wines with the highest amounts of amines tend to be made with natural yeasts, oak-aged, unfined, unfiltered and had undergone malolactic fermentation.

A few of the common amines found in red wine are histamine, tyramine, spermidine, putrescine and serotonin. Histamine correlates to an increased sex drive, alertness, and weight loss. However, despite its positives as a stimulant, histamine can also cause inflammation and hypertension in people who are highly sensitive to it. So again, with all things… moderation is key.

If You Want To Have Better Sex, Just Drink Some Red Wine

It’s a long established fact that people get horny when they drink. It’s just science. The smart parts of your brain slow to a glacial pace, while the parts that deal with sex stay woke as ever, hence why whiskey makes you frisky, and tequila makes you black out and hook up with anyone with a pulse.

But guess what? Not all booze treats your sex life the same. Apparently, if you want to have amazing sex and get a nice little buzz going on, you should reach for a bottle of red wine, because recent research found that people who drink moderate amounts of red wine have higher sex drives than those who prefer a cocktail, or something.

The research found that men who drank two glasses of red wine per day had higher testosterone levels than dudes who didn’t drink red wine, which explains their heightened libido, considering testosterone is the “manly” hormone.

Apparently, the quercetin in the wine blocks the UGT2B17 enzyme, which flushes testosterone out of the body. And obviously, when you have a little extra testosterone in your system, you get horny!

And guess what else? Red wine makes the ladies horny too, because it heightens blood flow to her erogenous zones, thereby increasing sensitivity and arousal, which is never a bad thing.

Plus, the same study also found that women who drank red wine were waaay hornier than those who opted for something else, and other studies have shown that women get turned on by aromas such as cherry-like, musky, earthy, and woody, which are all found in red wine.

So yeah, forget the whiskey or the rum or whatever — serving red wine for date night is definitely the right thing to do.

Latex clothing care

Latex is an incredible material, and there is something unique and special about clothes made from it. Thy can be quite durable, but only if you take care of them. And taking care of latex clothing requires a bit of work. 

You can’t just throw everything in a washing machine and press a button. If you try that, your clothes will be ruined. So, if you want your latex clothes to remain in perfect condition, there are steps you need to know and follow. Here, we will go through some of the most important tips that will make latex wear care a bit simpler. 

Latex clothing

One of the best things about latex is that the material is so versatile. You can make anything you want using it. But the majority of clothing items you can find on the market are tight. And we are talking skin-tight. Those who enjoy wearing latex describe it as having second skin, and if anyone touches the material, it will feel as if they were touching your own skin. 

The material is soft, stretchy, and often, quite smooth. Based on the amount of time you invest in care, it can remain spotless for a long time. Of course, there are other types of latex garments you can find especially at https://laidtex.com. It doesn’t have to be skin-tight, and you can easily get a piece of clothing that will feel comfortable for you. 

But even if you get a latex jacket that’s comfortable and loose, it will still have the same feeling. Naturally, it won’t feel like a second skin, but the material will be smooth and shiny. And this is one of the primary reasons why so many people love it. 

How durable is latex clothing?

If you are focused on latex care, the clothing can be quite durable. But even the slightest mistake can damage the material. When we say durable, we talk about the lifespan of the material. However, latex itself is rather delicate. Any sharp object can destroy it in no time, and you should be extra careful when wearing the clothes. Naturally, you will need to avoid contact with any sharp objects or items that can tear it. 

And this is one of the primary reasons why you need to focus on maintenance and know all the dos and don’ts of latex. It will prolong the lifespan of your clothes and will save you a lot of money since you won’t need to look for a replacement. 

It is a slippery slope. You will need to know how to wash your clothes, all about proper storage, maintenance, and everything else. And if you follow all the steps, your latex clothes will last for a long time. 

Should I wash my latex clothing?

Yes. As with any other piece of clothing, you will need to wash it regularly. Ideally, you will wash it after each use to ensure that your clothes remain in perfect condition. But at the same time, using a washing machine is a big no-no. You will need to wash it by hand. The material is delicate, and the increased temperature used in washing machines will ruin it. 

You will need to use warm water, along with mild soap (or detergent). Ensure that the soap you are using does not contain any chemicals or anything that could damage latex. Once you start washing, try to be as gentle as possible. It won’t take you a long time to properly clean everything, and after that, the only thing left for you to do is wash out the soap. 

It is a lot simpler than it sounds, and you will get a hang of it in no time. Finally, avoid using any type of dryer. You can wipe off excess water using tissue paper or a soft towel, and leave clothes to fully air dry. 

How often should I wash it?

Now, this question is complex. There are plenty of factors that will determine how often you will need to wash your latex clothes. For starters, how often do you wear them? How much time do you spend wearing them? Do you sweat a lot? Wearing latex underwear is not the same as wearing pants, a jacket, or boots either. 

And all of these factors will affect the answer. As we mentioned earlier, you should wash latex after each use in an ideal scenario. But it is not always possible. Washing your clothes after each wear will prolong their life. As you wear them, the oils from the skin will get in contact with latex, and they will slowly degrade the material. 

Washing it can prevent it. So, keep in mind that you will need to do it before you put them on. 

How to properly keep my latex clothing?

The final thing to discuss is storage. Once your clothes are dry, you will need to find a place where the clothes will be safe. You will need to keep them away from sunlight since increased temperature and exposure to sunlight can damage the material. To ensure that your clothes remain safe, you can always use talcum powder on them before you fold them. 

After that, you can place it in a plastic bag or if you own a garment bag instead. Drawers that are completely dry and aways from sunlight can be a perfect storage place. One thing to avoid is metal hangers since the metal can cause permanent discoloration on light colors. 

If you have to use a hanger, stick to the wooden ones instead. As long as it is a non-metallic hanger, you shouldn’t have any problems. And if you plan on using a small amount of talcum powder, place it both on the inside and outside of your clothes before storing them somewhere safe. It is worth mentioning that talcum powder and silicone-based lubricants can both be good dressing aid to avoid tears on the material.

Bartending Skill: How it affects your liquor preparation

Is being a bartender easy? No. It requires a lot of work and practice. But did you know that choosing this career will affect other aspects of your life? If you are wondering how bartending affects liquor preparation and the way we see and experience drinking and partying, we have a few answers you’ll like to hear. So, let’s start from the beginning. 

Bartending Skill Overview

Being a professional bartender is not easy. It requires a lot of work, practice, and dedication. You will need to have a good memory since you can’t expect people to wait while you go and find a certain recipe. The bartender’s work includes several useful skills besides memory. They will need to learn about mixology, communication skills, organization, friendliness, cash handling, and so much more.


Mixing drinks is just one step of the process, and there are many other areas you will need to work on. Of course, if you plan on being a good bartender, everyone will expect you to juggle with bottles to impress customers. This is just another trick that you will need to learn at the bartender school


The reason why you need to be aware of what to expect is that it can be quite challenging. People see bartenders and think that their jobs are easy. But they are far from it. Naturally, it is something you can learn if you are focused on it.  

Bartending Gives You More Knowledge About Drinks

The nature of the bartender job means that you will need to learn about different drinks. And you will need to know all about them. Regular customers often have no idea about most recipes, so you will have to be there for them.


Fortunately, during your training, you will be able to learn all there is to know about drinks and how to make them. It will help you improve your long-term memory and allow you to easily know how to serve customers. If you work in a busy place, there is a chance that you will experience busy nights. And this means that you can’t afford to forget about something. 


Another important thing you will learn is what drinks go well together. Everyone knows that gin and tonic go hand in hand, but the list of things you can mix is quite long. At the same time, there are those you should avoid combining together. You might find yourself in a situation where you can show your creative side and make a cocktail on your own. Knowing what goes well together will help you create a delicious drink.

Bartending Helps You Avoid Intoxication

Learning about drinks will help you avoid problems in the future. Since you will know which cocktails contain more alcohol, you will be more careful when drinking. Moreover, there are drinks that will have an increased effect when mixed together. Everyone knows that drinking different types of drinks can be dangerous. 


Beer doesn’t go well with wine, and you shouldn’t drink anything else after rum. But these are just some of the examples you will learn during your training. It is essential to know which types of alcohol are more intoxicating when blended together. This will allow you to stick to a specific type and avoid all the problems that may come with drinking. 


Many people fail to understand how important this can be. The only way to stay safe during your adventure is to drink responsibly. And being a bartender will help you learn everything you need to know to avoid intoxication.

Bartending Raises Awareness About Do’s and Don’ts

Working with alcohol means that you will get to know all about it inside and out. Some of the things you should remember are related to making cocktails. The first rule is to use the highest possible quality for mixing drinks. Using bad ingredients will make a bad cocktail, and you want to avoid that. Other tips include knowing when to shake and when to stir, for example, or when and how to use the fridge.


Just because someone doesn’t want ice in their whiskey, it doesn’t mean that it should be warm. On the other hand, if they want ice, you should not be using small ice cubes. Yes, they can be cute, but the smaller the cube is, the faster it will melt. And you risk ruining the drink by making it too watery. 


Another thing you will learn is how to help people that drank too much because this is bound to happen sooner or later. And if you find yourself in a similar situation, you will know how to react and what to avoid doing. 

Bartending Teaches You Proper Hygiene and Cleanliness

Working with people, serving food or drinks, means that you will learn how to improve your hygiene and cleanliness, especially if you plan on working in a renowned restaurant or bar. One of the worst things you can experience in a restaurant or a bar is getting a glass with stains on it. Everyone hates that. Being professional means that you will learn how to properly clean everything and ensure that hygiene is on the highest level. 


And what you learn will ripple through your entire career. You will need to keep all of your tools clean as well while making drinks. This includes glasses, shakers, spoons, or anything else you might need for bartending. 


If you are scared about the entire process, don’t be. You will learn all about it during your training. Every respectable bar will walk you through the process and best ways to keep everything perfectly safe for use. 

Bartending Makes You a Detail-Oriented Person

Bartending is a fast-paced job. But at the same time, there is not much space for mistakes. You will need to be precise and accurate. This will help you focus on the smallest of things and become more detail-oriented. 


For example, adding too much or too little of an ingredient will change the flavor. And the more components a drink has, the more challenging it will be. Once you are through with the training and start working as a bartender, you will learn how to focus on details and ensure that each glass is perfect. 


While all of this might seem scary, a lot of it is learned through repetitions and practice. You will make god knows how many gin and tonics and margaritas before you master it. But once you become good at your job, you will notice how much the entire process affected the rest of your life. 


Being a bartender is a fun career choice, and you’ll be able to learn a lot of useful skills. The most important thing is to keep going and never give up, regardless of how difficult it might look from time to time.

Penis plugs: A self service pleasure

Penis plugs can offer something truly unique, especially if you’ve never tried sounding before. However, there are a couple of things you need to know. After all, sounding can be dangerous if you rush it, and you need to be careful every step of the way. 

Initial insertion

Penis plugs are excellent toys if you are looking for something a bit wilder and unusual. But there are a couple of things you need to know before you give them a try. The reason why you need a lot of info about urethral plugs is that there are so many different types you can find on the market. 

Each version offers something different, and you need to find a perfect one to avoid hurting yourself. Furthermore, there is a difference between urethral sounds and urethral plugs, and you should find the model that suits your needs. 

Urethral play can be so much fun, but only if you know what you’re doing. And this is why it is essential to know all the details before you decide to give it a go. Unfortunately, sounding is not something that can happen spontaneously and requires preparation before you are ready for it. 

Getting into the zone

The first thing on the list is getting into the zone. As we said earlier, sounding isn’t something that you should try out of the blue. It requires a specific mindset. More precisely, you need to be relaxed. 

For those that never tried sounding before, you should know that it requires patience. As for relaxing, try doing things that feel comfortable. It could be a bubble bath, candles, music, or anything else that will help you reach that place when you are ready to use this sex toy. 

If you are careful, there is nothing to worry about. Sounding devices might seem scary, but there is a reason why they are so popular. And of, course, if the stainless steel is cold, you can always use warm water to make it even more comfortable for use. 

The trick here is to avoid overdoing it and pushing your limits. There is no reason to rush anything, and if you feel like taking a break, there is nothing wrong with that. Take your time and enjoy the journey. 

The succeeding feeling

So, how does it feel using the plug? Well, there are a couple of differences we should discuss. Firstly, the thing that will determine the feeling is the type of toy, material, and size. 

As you can probably guess, using a rubber plug is not the same as using a toy made of steel. At the same time, the size will play an important part in the experience and sexual pleasure, but more on that later. 

It is also important to discuss whether this is your first time or you’re more experienced. One thing that many people are concerned about is pain. Will using a male urethral toy hurt? Well, we can’t tell you that. However, we can say that there are many people who use the toy without experiencing any type of pain. 

If you rush the process and avoid a couple of steps on the list, it might be uncomfortable. On the other hand, following the “necessary” procedure will result in sexual pleasure and stimulation of sensitive areas. 

Need assistance? Try using lube

This leads us to the most important part — lubricants. It is essential to use lube if you want to try penis plugs. There is no other way around it. We already mentioned that sounding is not something you do spontaneously. It demands a lot of preparation. You need to make sure you have an appropriate lube and that you are relaxed before you try anything. 

Since the inner walls of the urethra are rather sensitive, avoiding lube can cause damage to the tissue, and the situation can only get worse from there. 

The type of lube you need to pick is based on the material of the toy. Luckily, the options are a lot simpler since the majority of sounds are made of stainless steel, which means you can use any lube you like. 

The only thing that matters is that you use it — generously! 

If the penis plug fits, wear it.

Now it’s time to talk about size. In this case, size matters. You don’t want to use a toy that is either too big or too small, especially if you are inexperienced. Lovegasm shares that the golden rule is to go for a toy that’s a perfect fit. Ideally, the diameter should match the size of the urethra. 

If your goal is to use bigger models, you need to work your way up the ladder. You still need to start with a smaller one and build your way up. The first mistake would be trying to go for the big one from the start since it can only cause problems. 

While sounding can be quite fun, you will miss out on all the pleasure if you find a big, threatening toy. The only thing you’ll manage to do is hurt yourself. So, start small. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Instead, you should focus on enjoying the journey to the top. 

Is it okay for people with UTI?

No. If someone has urinary tract infections (UTIs), the best thing is to postpone playing with the urethra. The truth is that using a sound can increase the chances of getting a UTI, and the reasoning behind it is quite simple — using these kinds of toys can introduce bacteria to the urinary tract. This is why it is essential to sterilize toys before use. 

Using soap is rarely enough, and since the majority of toys are made of steel, there is no reason to avoid sterilization. But what happens if someone has a UTI already? Will sounding help? Once again, the answer is no. In fact, using these sex toys can only make it worse. 

The toy can irritate the inner walls of the urethra and can cause further problems. This is why you should only try it if you are healthy and if you follow the procedure. Which means going slow, using lube, and being as careful as humanly possible.

Why Do Some Women Prefer a Male Sex Doll?

Do you some women prefer male sex dolls? And these include both single women and women in relationships. Modern male sex dolls feel and look almost like a human man and assure a truly satisfactory sexual experience for their users. Gone are the days when sex dolls were a taboo and their usage was a complete hush-hush. Also, the sex doll industry today is not limited to female sex dolls only. The waves of feminism and liberalization have brought to the fore sexual needs of women as well. The current sex doll industry duly acknowledges sexual needs of women and is ready to cater to them with varying options of male sex dolls.

Have you too wished to get a male sex doll for yourself but apprehensive of trying a one. Well, you can leave behind those dogmas and stigmas and embrace your sexual fantasies as there are plenty of amazing reasons for women to have a male sex doll.

A truly satisfying experience

In one line, male sex dolls assure a truly fulfilling sexual experience for women.  A major reason here is that these dolls are created with life-like details. The best of such dolls in the market are made with TPE or silicone. Both these materials are soft, comfortable and render a realistic lifelike appeal to the toy. Sex dolls made from these materials feel like soft human skin when you touch them and they ensure the very experience of having sex with a real male (well, almost).

Besides, male sex dolls today sport pronounced features just like that of a human male. You will find your male doll with proper organs like penis, limbs, nipples, ass and so on. Once again, they will make you feel as if you are having sex with a human man only.

Keeps you sexually active

This is especially relevant for single women and women in long-distance relationships.

When you don’t have a partner with you physically, your sexual life goes for a toss. According to doctors, a healthy and regular sex life is absolutely important for good health and well-being. Sex allows to relax, de-stress and keeps you physically fit. But, you miss out on all those actions when you don’t have a partner or your man is miles apart from you. A male sex doll would be a great getaway for you here. As mentioned previously, they are almost like a real human with life-like features. So, you will have an amazing sexual experience with them – almost just like the way you will have with a real human male. A male sex doll will let you enjoy a regular sex life even when a partner is not with you and eventually keep you physically and psychologically fit.

It’s to note here sex doll users are some among the fittest people on earth. So, your male sex doll will wonders to scale up your fitness game.

Never gets exhausted

A male sex doll will never get exhausted and is always ready to please you. This is one of the main reasons why even women with boyfriends/husbands prefer to have sex with a male doll. You can’t expect your boyfriend or husband to be in the same charged-up mood exactly when you are aroused. He might be exhausted after a  long tiring day and too tired to try out those steamy actions with you. It’s not right to disturb him when he is not willing to.

But, you have your own sexual desires which you should fulfill to keep yourself happy. This is where the sex dolls come to the rescue. Being dolls, they will never be tired no matter how many times you have sex with them. They are always charged up to cater to your sexual needs so that you can have your does of pleasure without disturbing your husband.

Always available for you

A male sex doll is always available for you. It’s not the case with real human partners always. You or your partner might stay in different places. So, if you have a craving for some bold actions at some odd hours, you can’t always have him with you. But, with a male sex doll, you can always be assured of someone who is there to take care of your intimate needs – just whenever you wish to.

No emotional woes

A male sex doll is all about fun and pleasure. He will never betray you, never break your heart and will always be there for you. In fact, this is one of the prime reasons why many women today prefer male sex dolls. There are no emotional hiccups with a sex doll- just pure clean intimate fun.

No risk of STDs

With a male sex doll, you can be absolutely be assured of no risks of STDs. You don’t always have such assurances with a human male. You never know whether the new guy you are hanging out with harbors any possibility of transmitted diseases or not. Besides, there are lots of men who don’t want use condoms while having sex and they can’t be really trusted. But you will never have such problems with a male sex doll.

Versatile selection

Another great reason to try male sex dolls is that they come in a versatile range today. Do you have a “thing” for muscular hunks or do you prefer slim guys? Then, some women do harbor a special fetish for black men. The good news is the modern male sex doll industry boasts a versatile inventory and lets you select your doll just as per your particular specifications.

You will also find the male sex dolls in varied price ranges to choose from as per your budget. But, try to avoid overtly cheap ones as they can’t promise you a quality experience. If a full bodied male sex doll seems to be little over the board for you, there are high quality male doll torsos available at a much lesser price. Finally, try to get your toy from a reputed store only. You want to make sure that you are purchasing safe and premium products, and you can get them from LG.